Personal Rapid Transit

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Instead of a gondola simply crossing the river from nowhere to nowhere as chosen by the National Park Service Competition, visually competing with the Arch as well as creating a dangerous distraction to motorists on an already complicated bridge, why not consider an innovative transit loop that actually efficiently serves all of the attractions on both sides of the river unobtrusively?

Usually one waits in a group for a large carrier operating on a fixed schedule to provide transportation to an intended destination, often with numerous stops along the way.  The Personal Rapid Transit System provides a family-sized car that arrives upon demand, accommodates only the party requesting it and then, in secure privacy, transports them in comfort and safely directly to their desired destination.  The lightweight, driver-less cars provide wheelchair accessibility, and their size and weight  makes flexible routing, as well as future expansion of the system even into East St. Louis and downtown St. Louis, simple and efficient.

This innovative concept is sustainable, nearly invisible, virtually silent, has minimal environmental impact, and is energy efficient.  It is economical in both capital and operating costs and its all-weather open grid pathway permits proven reliable and safe operation, even under severe ice and snow conditions.