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“The classroom is the real world/the real world is the classroom.”
Saunders Schultz

Architects expressed awe and all were moved by the magnificence, sensitivity and soaring quality of your sculpture. The response from the membership was the most positive and enthusiastic I have ever experienced in my fifteen years with the chapter.
Martha Miller, Executive Director, American Institute of Architects, Central Arizona Chapter, Phoenix, AZ

Your presence at the review of student work is a voice seldom heard today; that of an idealist and dreamer speaking alone in a world of fashion mongers and pragmatists; you give new currency to the term visionary.
Michael Webb, Professor, Columbia University School of Architecture, New York,

We have worked with over 137 of the most famous and gifted people working today. Never have I seen anyone with such powerful rapport with students and teachers.
John H. Lancaster, Oklahoma Scholar- leadership Enrichment Program. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

In your discussion of the arts and religion, you showed an uncommon understanding of the indissoluble relationship of the True and the Beautiful. Our students, whether of art or of religion, discovered in those moments that the truly beautiful is always truly holy.
Harold E. Hill, Professor, University of Tulsa, Tulsa,OK

All students of architecture and landscape architecture should listen and be inspired by your words; as a matter of fact "I think your lecture should be mandatory to all design professionals.
Uladimir Matus, Architect-planner and Author of Design for Northern Climates, Toronto, Canada

We so appreciate your contribution to the Passive Solar Energy Conference given by the AIA Research Corporation, Professional Development Resources and the Architects Collaborative. Your conceptual approach of relating sculpture as symbol to architecture in an energy-conscious environment is imaginative and timely.
Norman C. Fletcher, FA|A Principal, The Architects Collaborative, Cambridge, MA

I have found the experience of your visit to far exceed my initial expectations. We are truly glad that you came and spent this brief period with us. Our lives will never be the same after this encounter and I fully expect that we will be able to say the same with each subsequent meeting. (there were many).
Charles W. Harris, Chairman, Landscape Department,
Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA.

Your contribution to a design proposal for Penn State’s Hammond Hall marked the student’s introduction to boldness. Wow!
William G. Swain, FASLA, Past President, ASLA, Pittsburgh,PA

You have the natural ability to awaken and charge others to discover art and design in their own immediate world. We are individually richer in mental, spiritual and emotional wisdom.
Henry C. Keeling, Coordinator, Art Department, University of Charleston, WV

Your knowledge of architecture and environmental sculpture, as well as your comprehension of these elements as they relate to Oklahoma, has made your presentation one of the most memorable our AIA convention has ever had.
Rex M. Ball, FAIA, CEO, HTB, Oklahoma City, OK: Washington, DC

I was at a grand point of stagnation. Designing was a chore. Thank you for putting a sparkle back into my designing and my life.
Justine Miller, Senior, Landscape Architecture, Pennsylvania Slate University, University Park, PA

Your seminars for high school, college students and the general public were well received. Your lecture style and versatility in presentation were extremely appealing to your varied audiences. Individual attention, availability for questions and your general cooperation made your stay an informative and outstanding one. You were caring, dedicated, inspiring, visionary and patient. It takes all of these to be an effective educator.
Ellen P. Light, Chairman, Bluefield Fine Arts Commission, Bluefield, WV

I feel the joy and enthusiasm in your life expressed through your work as an artist and teacher. Your account of the creativity workshop at Cal Poly really caught me up in the “born again’ experiences you shared with the Ski Patrol Director and your students.
Maurice B. Allen, Jr., FAIA, TMP Associates, Bloomfield Hills, M