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January, 2014 marks 33 years that we have funded the Eco Arch and I have strived to see built.

Our present-day art world desperately needs bolder creative thinking on a grander scale. The Eco Arch is the future and represents a monumental art/sculpture with a purpose. To gain perspective, we would have to look back across the river to Saarinen's great monument to which the Eco Arch is both the complement and completion, or to see monumental thinking one might have to go back as far as the Great Pyramid whose ground area is a little over half the ground area of the Eco Arch. The pyramids exist because of death.  In contrast, the Eco Arch exudes a social conscience and exists to add life, meaning and a transformation of both space and people.

The Eco Arch is the centerpiece and catalyst for the development of its prime site.  With all of the associated capacity for employment and public education relating to heritage and diversity of the past and present cultures that have called the site home, it can revive and strengthen a neglected corner of our region.  Just as the Gateway Arch celebrates the hope held by the unknown potential of the West, the Eco Arch spotlights the centuries of vibrant life sustained by the Mississippi and returns the river to its rightful role as symbol not only of our region, but of the North American continent.

Subject: The logo shows the important element of the Eco Arch is the mirror image of the Arch, 20 football fields, 7 stories high to the east, within a100 acre site. 

At bottom of logo there will be these words:  

 When the 100 acre site is established as a green expanse on the East St. Louis Riverfront, we can point with pride to East St. Louis as seen from St. Louis.

The soaring Gateway Arch symbolizes the mid-20th century philosophy of man triumphant over nature.

The Eco Arch is expressive of the 21st century concept of man and nature co-existing in harmony and balance.
Saunders Schultz