Saunders & Joan Schultz
Saunders & Joan Schultz

To the general public:

Since my father Saunders Schultz’s death on July 17, 2017, many people have asked me for information about his sculptures, desiring to see, learn about, and experience their beauty. In response to these requests, I have decided to re-post my father’s website for everyone to enjoy.

I have changed it very little so that the viewer might see it as he intended. I have, however, added a section of “articles” about him, as well as his last piece of sculpture (Continuum) that was completed and installed when he was 88 years old. I have also added a video of a short presentation that he gave about his work.

Finally, I have included the eulogy that I gave in honor of him at his funeral service. I attach this last document with some trepidation, as it is a very personal piece, and would not normally, therefore, be included in a “career” website.

However, from my point of view, my father possessed an extraordinary spirit not only because of his visionary sculptures, but also because he was a wonderful husband and father – loving, devoted, gentle, and of course, genuinely funny. None of these parts of his spirit can, or should be separated, ie. the husband, the father, the friend, the artist, all are inextricably combined. If my father taught me anything, it is that each person or item we seek to understand should be viewed with the aid of a wholistic perspective. It is in light of this deeply cherished belief, which he passed on to me, that I have added his eulogy to his website.

My dear hope is that you will enjoy my father’s work and life as I have been lucky to do for 60 years.

Thank you,
Lisa Schultz