Eco Arch Principles

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The Eco Arch is an exquisite plan that connects Saarinen's great Gateway with the mound culture of Cahokia, and roots them both to their reason for being - the Mississippi River.   It provides the long missing link to restore and strengthen the natural balance of river, land and sky, as well as our place among them.

                                 Foundation Principles/Eco Arch

There are three legs of support in my plan to create the Eco Arch.  The first, is a letter on my website, signed by Senator Richard Durbin and other Illinois politicians supporting the project.  The East Side is being ignored again as it was by the politicians with the original design concept by Saarinen.   When complete, this letter will be sent to the Secretary of the Interior. Please refer to:,  and click on the Eco Arch. 

The second leg concerns Eero Saarinen and his landscape architect, Dan Kiley, and the fact that most of the architects who worked with those men are willing to ask as Robert Burley,FAIA, Saarinen's designer-in-charge for the JNEM and the Arch wrote, "How would Eero and Dan react?  No one can say for certain, but it is my opinion that they would react very favorably to your sculptural-landscape concepts."  Presently, there are letters supportive of my proposal from twenty designers who worked with Saarinen.  These may be seen on my website under 'Saarinen Architects Letters in Support of the Eco Arch/Lid Bridge.'

The third leg addresses the concerns of Native Americans.  Katherine Dunham wrote to me, "It is especially meaningful that your proposal honors the early inhabitants with its strong connection to Cahokia."  The Eco Arch is a transformational undertaking on many levels and the Native American component will be critical to its success.   For instance, there are museums which display Native American artifacts and contributions, but not one features atonement to their people and the land, especially in such a monumental visionary manner. The emphasis would be toward honor, respect, truth telling and setting the historical record straight from an Native American perspective.  Native Americans are backing my Eco Arch for several reasons. Please view under Eco Arch the section, "Transformational Impact" through Poverty Point.  It is time to think beyond boundaries and develop a fresh respect for the land.  The Eco Arch will unite Saarinen's Arch with Cahokia, reenergizing the river culture of the Mississippi.